Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome Home!

It's time to move...again. We've bought a house! Here it is:

We're moving about 5 minutes away, to a lovely quiet street. It's a bit farther from the library and the Capitol, but closer to the food coop and the bookstore. My bike ride to work will be about the same distance, just over different streets. And Alex ends up one exit closer to work.

The main reason we bought this place is that it has a spectacular kitchen. After the closing last week, we went and had a picnic dinner to celebrate. Here's Alex pouring champagne at our new kitchen island:

And another photo of the room that we are surely going to live in the most:

Brynna has already staked out her own spot in the kitchen:

Hey Jasper, what do you think of the backyard?

We think he likes it.

Here's Brynna practicing on the steps with her Aunt Kate:

And, true to form, climbing up her new slide. The family who lived in the house before us left us the swingset:

We're getting some plaster work and some painting done before we move in, and maybe some hardwood refinishing, too. We'll be moving in dribs and drabs over the course of the month. Then we'll be all set to host, so do come visit!


Allison and Jared said...

Congratulations!! Looks gorgeous!

Clara said...

Woot! That is a lovely kitchen.