Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cold Weather Play

Winter comes, the snow falls, the wind is up, and what do the moosesofthenorth do? We go out to play, of course. Taking advantage of the fresh powder, we got all bundled up so that we could go for a walk down to the park.

Brynna ready for her moon shot.

Our neighbors from down the street gowned up and came out, too.

Brynna, as it turns out, is very skeptical of the toboggan. You may noticed that, in a brief moment of forethought, we brought the baby backpack in case we needed to carry her. It is well we did bring it: about halfway down to the park Brynna began launching herself off the toboggan into a nearby snowbank.

The girls got tired of the slide pretty quick, and decided they wanted more wind in their faces by swinging. Negotiating those legs into the swings with clonkin' boots is no easy task - only surpassed in difficulty by getting those legs back out.

Unfortunately, the waning daylight, the increasing wind, and just plain time spent outside meant the girls started getting too cold for their good spirits to last. Brynna was by this point about an hour late for a nap, which didn't help. We ended up beating a hasty retreat back to the warmth, by which time Brynna was well on her way to a total meltdown.

Jasper, of course, is unfazed by the snow. He does, in fact, love it.

I hoped to take enough video footage to be able to put together a montage similar to this autumn one, because the characters and setting were largely the same; only the seasons change. But, the bevity of the outing, the difficulties of handling a camera in the cold with (or without) gloves, and fewer hands to watch the B made this impossible. Perhaps next month!

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