Sunday, January 24, 2010


Brynna has in the last few weeks been able to understand and articulate colors. More or less.

For instance, if you put her box of Legos in front of her and ask her to show you a red one, almost without fail she'll pluck out a red one and show it to you with great excitement.

If excitement you call it. This works for her many crayons, too, right before they end up on the floor.

On the other hand, she isn't quite as good with describing colors just yet. For a while, everything was "goon", or green.

Parent: "Brynna, what color is this?"
Brynna (with irrepressible smile and confidence): "Goon."
Parent: "No, that's yellow, sweatheart." (switches to different object) "Brynna, what color is this?"
Brynna (as before): "Goon."
Parent: "No, sweetie, that's red."

I suppose if it had to be one color, green isn't such a bad way to go. I guess the asymmetry is understandable - her spoken vocabulary is still much much smaller than what she can understand. These days things are a little less monolithically verdant, just a lot of hit-or-miss. Is it red? Is it blue? Who can say? Brynna sometimes can, and sometimes not. Perhaps the question has more existential weight for Brynna than it does for the rest of us.

Orange she seems to do pretty well with - it helps that there's a favorite food of the same name and color (but doesn't rhyme with anything).

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