Monday, January 25, 2010


Just a quick double-dose of Brynna for today.

Brynna and Hilary are wrapped together with a single scarf. The rest of her was warmly tucked into Hilary's jacket for a walk, but the neck seemed exposed, so out comes the lovely scarf. I think it was done in a figure-8 to get this effect.

Brynna sometimes likes to pull the dish towels from the drawer or off the oven door and pull them over her head. It's an entree into a game of peekaboo, but sometimes she'll just wander around with them draped over her head. Our little babushka.


Anonymous said...

I sent this photo to Susan so she could see B wearing her hat. She thinks you two have the same cheeks!

Candace said...

She looks like she's auditioning to play "The Little Match Girl." Maybe we have a budding Shirley Temple here.