Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can You Tell Me How To Get... to get to Sesame Street?

Brynna is deeply, deeply into Sesame Street at the moment, especially Big Bird. Whenever she sees one of us with our computer, she comes over, makes her sign for Big Bird (a beak with her hand), accompanied by the noise that I have come to think of as the demando-grunt, and occasionally convinces us to click on over to (Yes, it is a little strange that to Brynna, Sesame Street is something that exists on the computer...but hey, she's a techno-girl.)

Once there, she usually wants to see "Viva!" (Big Bird conducting a mariachi band) or "Suffy!" (Big Bird teaching Snuffleupagus how to ice skate).

We watch one or both of them over and over ("more! more! more!"), until Alex or I get a little concerned by the look of intensity on her face as she stares at the screen and cut her off.

I fell asleep last night, and woke up this morning, with the Snuffy ice skating music in my head. Better than Barney, I suppose—which we are hoping to keep a deep, dark secret that Brynna only finds out about when she is old enough to mock it.

Here is a bit under-the-weather Alex watching Sesame Street with little B this evening:

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