Friday, February 12, 2010

Fear Not

We still exist. We have not fallen off the face of the Earth! We just, uhhh, ummm....

Ok, so we haven't posted in a while. The sad rover is perhaps sad enough for now. Let's move on, even if the rover can't.

H had all of last week off, amazingly enough. It was spent largely resting and recuperating; partly here, and partly at her parents' in CT. We managed to:

  • get in an afternoon of skiing (seven years since our last downhill run: it's nice to know we can still hit the slopes and not kill ourselves)
  • have a pleasant meal with some college friends before we...
  • see Avatar (cool use of 3D, the glasses are still dorky, and it doesn't in a million years deserve best picture)
  • fail to go out to dinner (not seating at 8:45 on a Tuesday night? In Concord?)
  • succeed in going out to dinner (just the two of us)
  • caulk the heck out of our first-floor windows to combat cold air drafts (I recommend this stuff - it has absolutely no odor)

and generally try to ignore the fact that, come this past Monday it was right back to the first-year resident grind: six weeks of in-patient hospital service, 70-80 hour weeks, shortened or non-existent weekends, and general drudgery for the whole family. This, in part, explains the lack of posts for the last week. The week before, vacation week, we have no excuse.

But please don't write us off yet, dear readers. We'll manage to come up with something interesting and entertaining for you soon. For now, just have fun looking back where we were this time last year.

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