Wednesday, February 24, 2010


One of Brynna's other passions these days is dinosaurs.

I think this can all be traced back to the day, a couple of months ago, that we took her to the Montshire Museum in Norwich, Vermont. They were having a big visiting exhibit of dinosaurs, and Brynna just lapped it up. She ran from skeleton to skeleton, pointing and saying "dino!" "dino!" "dino!"

Brynna and Alex also had a go at the dinosaur habitat game.

Dinosaurs and electronics—could there be a better combination for either of them?

Brynna was also very interested in another large creature on display, as we would expect from the littlest member of the Moose Family.

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Katie Blye said...

Oooh! Jealous! I wonder if this is the same exhibit now at the SEE Science Ctr in Manchester. I really want to take Shawn's kids to see it. Mostly for me, since pre-teens don't care much for anything that takes them away from their cell phone texting and/or video games.