Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Get Well Gorilla

My new gorilla has definitely brought me get-well vibes. The ERCP went well yesterday, and I am apparently now gallstone-free. Whew! It didn't add to the soreness from the lap chole on Sunday, so I'm moving much better and am much less sore this morning.

In fact, the gastroenterologist came in earlier and told me that I could "advance to a regular diet". In his opinion, I can go home today, but it's actually up to "the blades," as he kept calling the surgeons. So keep your fingers crossed.

Here's my very exciting first actual food since Friday night:

I started slow with cream of wheat, brown sugar, and soymilk. It disappeared in about nineteen seconds, so I'm gearing up to order another meal.

Dad has come up to New Hampshire to give us a hand, and he and Brynna came by to keep me company for awhile this morning. Brynna engaged in her favorite new hospital sports: riding the elevator ("el-el-el-va-tor"), looking out my window at the beep-beeps coming through the lot below, and washing her hands in the sink:

I was also finally comfortable enough to roll over on my side and nurse, for the first time in a couple of days. Very pleasant for both of us. I showed her the "boo-boos" on my belly, which she counted (four), and then kissed. That's probably really why I'm feeling better.


Allyson Wendt said...

Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery, however slowly. And SO glad your dad could make it up to help out. Hugs from the Microbes...

Katherine said...

You are such a champ!! :)