Thursday, July 29, 2010

The "In" Books

Last month, B's overwhelming favorite was Sara Pinto's excellent "The Alphabet Room."

B is old enough to pick out some of the letters, and to realize that the illustrations are really funny—her favorite is when the cat is wearing the moustache.

But yesterday, a new hit book arrived from Deen:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we've entered the truck zone. Particularly backhoes. Brynna is deeply, deeply into backhoes. There's enough road construction going on in New Hampshire these days that she can often catch a glimpse of one on her way to or from daycare, but one is not enough: she immediately yells "more back-hoe!" Apparently this is a genetic trait, as Deen says that backhoes were my favorite kind of truck when I was Brynna's age.

(Actually, the Tonka book has excavators. Which are maybe front-hoes? Luckily, Brynna can't actually read yet—next week, probably—so for now we can just substitute "backhoe" and she is none the wiser.)

I've got to say, after reading Tonka Power Lifting three times today, I kind of miss The Alphabet Room. I pulled it out for bedtime, and we got all the way to "D" before she made me go back to Power Lifting.

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Allison and Jared said...

Power Lifting... fantastic book name :)