Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Us Girls

This past Saturday, Alex headed up north at an obscenely early hour (3 AM!) to volunteer at a triathlon, and Brynna and I had the morning to ourselves. We slept in, then lolled about in bed, nursing and making a tent out of the blankets.

After Brynna's breakfast, we packed up and headed out via bicycle and trailer.

First stop was our bank down the street, where I got some cash and Brynna was very excited to receive a red lollipop.

Then we headed downtown and stopped at the bagel shop for my breakfast, where several people thought it was important to point out to me that it was awfully early in the day for my sweet little girl to have a lollipop. (My unspoken response: Stuff it, people. She ate tofu and vegetables in peanut sauce last night. Did you?)

After that, it was onward to the farmers' market. There was a huge dog ("pony!" said Brynna) and a huge variety of fruits and veggies, including some late blueberries and early apples. And of course, the most critical part, according to Brynna: the chocolate milk that comes in the glass bottle. We said jolly hellos to a couple of my patients and a couple of faculty members.

Once we'd collected enough food that I was concerned about how transport it all, we sat down in front of the State House to do some people-watching. Brynna started in on one of the apples.

Eventually we pedaled up to the park with the best playground in town. Brynna had a wonderful time exploring, and met up with some slightly older girls who showed her the fastest route to climb up to the twistiest slide. Eventually Alex returned to town and met us at the park to play for awhile.

A delightful morning, all round.

Then this morning, when I went to get Brynna ready for daycare and explained that Dada was already at work, and that it was just the two of us, she looked up at me and said, "lollipop?" So apparently that's our mother-daughter thing.

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