Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I've been back at work since Monday. Tired—though really no more so than usual, when I'm on the inpatient adult medicine service—but essentially pain-free today.

Brynna's looong statement of the week: "Yay! Twinkle Twinkle Bear up there, hiding!" And also, to A one day at daycare: "We see firetrucks at home."

She's currently obsessed with heli-li-cop-ter-er-ers, since she saw one take off from the National Night Out Festivities yesterday. She seems to have forgotten that she started screaming partway through the takeoff. Initially I thought it was because of the noise, but then I asked her if she was afraid, or if she was sad that the helicopter was leaving, and she choked out, "sad...leaving," so I guess I'll take her word for it.

The books of the week: Sandra Boynton's Birthday Monsters and Happy Birthday, Little Pookie. We've read them every night.

She said "my" for the first time that I can remember. She's been saying things like "B's toes" or "B's juice" for awhile, but I hadn't heard her say "my toes" before today. Also, this week, she has developed a convention for asking if someone is coming with her somewhere: "Mama-us?" means "is Mama coming with us?"

Last week she asked me for walnuts. She knows walnuts, peanuts, and cashews and will ask specifically for one or another, depending on her mood.

Alex continues to be a rock star of a husband. I'll leave it to him to update you all about what he's been up to—he's working hard, and also has a carpentry project going in the basement.

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