Tuesday, December 28, 2010


B was home sick today, and I spent the afternoon with her. She has become so adept at climbing out of her crib in the last few weeks that she now frequently pops out to come find us (or M and Deen, when in CT) when she wakes up. This has combined in recent days with some unfortunate early-riser behavior, such that she has sometimes shown up in the kitchen when I'm gathering myself together at 6 am. She's also equally capable of climbing into her crib, and sometimes insists on it. Given that, one must ask: what is the point of having the rails on her crib anymore? Time for a big girl bed!

Brynna has some tools of her own (thanks, aunt Kate!).

But Dada has lots more tools!

What's that they say? "So simple, even a child could do it."

And done, likety-split! Let's take this thing for a spin!

As cozy as can be!

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