Wednesday, December 15, 2010


One of the milestones in any two-year old's life is the introduction of that dreaded question: "Why?" Well, we haven't gotten there yet, but we have reached a sophisticated substitute: "What...For?" As in "What you do that for?

"What you change my diaper for?"
"What you pick me up for?"
"What we brush my teeth for?"
"What is it bread for?" Wrap your head around that one!

This joins the growing repertoire of enelesss questions, such as "What (you/my/mama/dat man/Jaster) doing?", "Where (mama/dada/me/etc)?", and "Who made...?". Oh joy!

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Allison and Jared said...

I once watched March of the Penguins with a little guys... there were many "why did the baby die" "why did the daddy leave the baby" "why did the seal eat the mommy" questions... I wouldn't recommend that film for someone who asks a lot of questions :)