Monday, July 25, 2011


Brynna's excuses for getting out of bed this evening:

1. "I'm hot"
(escorted back to bed by Mama, who turned fan on)

2. "I'm cold!"
(escorted back to bed by Dada, who turned fan OFF and added a blanket)

3. (random footsteps from above us that did not require a parental visit. Possibly trip to potty, possibly building some sort of chocolate-blending robot)

4. "My pants are wet! I had an accident!" This elicited the sympathy of both parental units, who came upstairs for synchronized sheet-replacement and pajama-changing only to discover that the bed was in fact NOT wet. Unsure what happened there. Instead coaxed Brynna into a pants-change and some sitting on the potty, before re-tucking into bed.

Seriously, Brynna, go the F**k to sleep!

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