Monday, July 11, 2011


Hmm. Am starting to wonder if Brynna is perhaps getting an unfortunate view of our jobs. Here is a conversation that took place at the dinner table this evening:

Brynna to Alex, searching for the right word: You an emergency?

Alex: No.

Brynna: You an engineer?

Alex: Yes.

Hilary: And do you know what engineers do?

Brynna: Yes!

Hilary: What do they do?

Brynna: They go to work!

Hilary: Well, yes, but when they are at work, they build things. Dada builds things. Do you know what Mama is?

Brynna: A doctor!

Hilary: Yes! And what do doctors do?

Brynna: They go to the hospital.

(We did later reach the point that doctors help fix people, but jeez.)

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