Friday, July 1, 2011

Wake-up Call

I have the day off from work today. Mostly I'm spending it finishing up office notes, doing laundry, and packing for our weekend away in Connecticut...but at least I am not physically at the hospital!

Last night, I explained to Brynna that in the morning, we should sleep in really late. I told her that the first time she woke up, she should just go back to sleep. Same with the second time. And then the third time, she could come into my room and we would snuggle and fall back asleep together.

This morning, I woke up to a big smacking Brynna kiss.

I looked at the clock: 7:07.

I looked back at my daughter, who had a giant grin on her face. "Mama, I slept really, really late!"

She was interested in about twenty-five seconds of snuggles and then leapt up, refusing all of my attempts to tuck her back in next to me.

I will admit, she's certainly my cutest alarm clock...though I would have preferred the wake-up call to be an hour or two later!

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