Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Change of Plans

So, I'm on vacation this week. (Yes, it's fabulous!)

I had planned an outdoorsy, summer-in-New-Hampshire time, complete with an overnight hike in the White Mountains with Alex and my dad, a day hike with a friend, and then a triathlon on Saturday.

Instead, my dad and I ended up commiserating about this:

Last Friday night...the very start of my vacation...I stubbed my toe. Really hard! After
howling and cursing, I went to bed, where it continued to hurt. Then I woke up Saturday morning, stood up, and nearly fell over from the throbbing pain in my foot. I couldn't get a sneaker on, and my toe was a nice purplish color. Broken, as far as I can tell (no sense in doing an x-ray...the treatment isn't any different).

So, our big hike has been postponed. My parents came to visit anyway, and Dad and I rehabbed our broken toes (his is about two weeks old, caused by an unruly Pyrex container) with ice cream and Brynna snuggles.

The triathlon on Saturday is still up in the air. I won't be competitive at this point, but would like to at least complete it if possible. We shall see...

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