Saturday, August 6, 2011

Make Way For...Brynna!

I'm in the midst of a two-week block of overnight call, but have Friday afternoon through Sunday evening off. Gambling on getting at least a little bit of sleep at the hospital on Thursday night, I made plans to head into Boston on Friday evening to see the Chihuly exhibit at the MFA.

Alex is off visiting Grandma, Da, and Aunt Kate this weekend, so after I finished up at work early Friday afternoon (5 hours of sleep overnight! Woohoo!), Dad and I packed Brynna up and headed for the city.

We parked on the outskirts and took the T in. Brynna was thrilled about the train ride--and has announced to everyone since that we took "an Orange train and a Green train!"

We wanted to tucker Brynna out before the museum, so headed first for the Boston Public Garden, where we sat down near the ducklings statues and read Make Way For Ducklings. Sorry, I was too busy reading and handing Brynna snacks to take photos. Then we met up with Aunt Donna and took a ride on the Swan Boats. B loved that, too, and was fascinated by the fact that they are actually paddleboats.

Donna had scoped out a carousel across the street on Boston Common, so we went there next. They had a lovely ride together!

Then it was time for a dip in the Frog Pond. I didn't know about this before we got there, but luckily had packed an extra change of clothes for Brynna just in case. It's a really nifty 6-inch deep pool with a bunch of fountains, and it was full of kids!

There's also an awesome playground there.

Midway through our playground romp, we met up with friends D, A, and baby T (who isn't really a baby anymore), then headed off for dinner.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the MFA, the Chihuly exhibit was sold out for the evening. Bummer! However, B and I were both getting pretty tuckered out so were happy enough to turn for home. Brynna spent the whole return train ride chatting up other passengers and generally making a social butterfly of herself before we both zonked out on the drive home.

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That looks like a D I know! When did that happen??