Monday, August 22, 2011

Nix The Nuk!

One of the tasks of this past week of vacation has been getting rid of Brynna's pacifier.

(Yes, all you paci-snobs out there, we should have done this about 2 1/2 years ago. But we LIKE our sleep! Dentists be damned!)

Since Brynna has been Nuk-ed since she was about a month old, this has not been a particularly pleasant transition. For many, many months now we have been restricting pacifiers to naptime and bedtime only, but this still means that she has to completely retrain herself to fall asleep without one. The initial Nuk-less naps and bedtimes were only accomplished through repeated promises (well, sure, go ahead and call them bribes) of ice cream upon awakening. Duct tape and sedation-by-Benadryl were deeply considered.

She seems to be doing a bit better now, after a week's worth of practice, and didn't ask for her Nuk tonight. However, we also seem to have lost the mid-day nap. I'm not sure this is at all a fair trade.

In honor of this momentous occasion, here is a Nuks-through-the-ages-of-Brynna photo tour:

Brynna has decorated a paper bag to hold all her old Nuks, and soon the Nuk-fairy will come and take them away and give them to new babies who need them, replacing them with a big-girl surprise. Um...just as soon as we can get to Target.

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Kate said...

Some friends of ours just got their two girls off their pacis by tying them to balloons and sending them to paci-heaven. It has worked wonderfully! I like the Nuk fairy idea too though :) Congrats on yet another step towards big-girldom, Brynna!