Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marriage Equality, the Three Year Old Perspective

Brynna is in the twirly dress, pink-loving, sparkle princess phase. She continues to be wedding-obsessed (Aunt Martha, that one is still all because of you!), and we were getting into the car this morning when she announced, "I'm marrying a boy. And we're off to the marrying place!"

"A boy?" I asked. "Not a girl?"

"I can marry a GIRL?" Brynna said (we have men married to men in our family but no women married to women).

"Yes, you can marry whoever you want," I called back from the front seat. "A boy or a girl." (New Hampshire politics are driving me nuts these days, but the marrying bit is fabulous.)

"OK, well then NEXT time I'll marry a girl," came Brynna's chipper reply.

So glad to see that she's planning ahead.

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Martha said...

glad I could help =)