Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rock N Race!

The Moose Family participated in the Rock 'N Race this evening: a yearly 5K fundraiser for the cancer center at the hospital.

Alex and I ran it as part of our training, and Brynna walked with some of my friends from work (thanks, Shauna and Tina!). It's quite the event: more than 6000 people, including some really fast ones—this year's winner ran 16 minutes and change.

We don't run 5Ks often (at least not 5Ks without a swim and a bike prior) but we both had goals for this race. Alex wanted to run less than 22 minutes—and ended up doing it in under 21:00! I was aiming for 25 minutes or so, and ended up well below that!

Here we are right afterward:

And then feasting on the nibblies (that's a brownie Brynna is swooning over):

This has been an awful year for cancer in the family and for my patients. We are thinking about you all tonight.

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