Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Attic - Nearing Completion

Another bevy of pictures of the attic-in-progress. Things are starting to look downright homey up there.

A built-in bookcase at the top of the stairs, right by what will be the reading nook. Yes, there will be shelves there.
It is not quite as awesome as the gear room I envision someday having, but this is awfully nice storage. Our carpenter tells me that the height of each vertical riser is different, and the width of the plank on the slope varies as well. Old houses!
With shelves and light! We haven't decided if the left side of the aisle will have more shelving (e.g., adjustable wire shelving units), or a long clothes hanging rod.
Here are the build-in drawers for under-the-eave storage. At the moment, they only have a primer coat, and no hardware.
But they are huge! And numerous! Plenty of space for all manner of things.
The bathroom floor. There wasn't room in the budget for tile, alas, but this linoleum second does a nice job.
Linen closet!
The finest lighting fixture available at the local big box store, purchased about 12 hours before the electrician installed it. A large framed mirror will also be there, eventually.
In the dormers on either side are a pair of reading downlights. These are self-contained PAR20 LED fixtures. Soft white, 60-W equivalent, but use only 8 watts. With a rated life measured in tens of thousands of hours, these are likely to be the last "bulbs" anyone will need to put here for the next decade at least. Not exactly cheap - $30 after utility rebate - but will certainly pay for themselves over their lifespan. These have a much more pleasant quality of light than CFLs, and come on to full brightness instantly.
For some reason, the electrician spurned the cans and PAR30 CFLs I left upstairs for him to install. These I had leftover after converting all the fixtures in the kitchen to LED. Instead, these are 60-W incandescents. Those won't last long. The red piece is the smoke detector, covered with a shower cap.
The kitchenette has plain, but elegant, clear pine cabinets. There is still the microwave and countertop to go in. The flooring is another linoleum second.

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