Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween to all!

And a very happy birthday to Clara!

We have had 11 trick-or-treaters so far this evening. I think we had a lot more last year, so we still have tons of candy left. I'm sure it'll disappear right away if I take it to the student lounge at the med school!

Jasper has been very well behaved. We were really worried that the people traipsing onto our porch tonight would freak him out, but he's barely batted an eye. He's been extremely sociable in the last couple of weeks, even getting up to follow me around the house a bit. He ran some errands in the car with me today, including a trip into the pet store, where he was very well behaved and even sat promptly for a treat at the check-out register. Perhaps he will even be a real dog someday!

Past Halloweens have been much more eventful than this. When we lived in Norwich, we were just off of Main Street, and thus were part of the town trick-or-treating route that started at the school. The PTA even left a bag of candy on our doorstep for us to give out...though that was nowhere near enough, even when added to what we'd already purchased! Alex had to run to Dan and Whit's mid-evening to restock our candy stores. It was great fun, though, we sat out on the front step to hand out the goodies, and I spent most of the time gazing at my not-quite-24-hours-old engagement ring.

Alex and I also started dating on Halloween five years ago, so it's still kind of an anniversary for us as well. (Thanks Rachel. And Dave. And red champagne.)

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