Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reunion in Maine

The family gathered at a rented house on the shores of York, Maine. The porch railing has a sign that read "Do Not Lean on Railing," lest you fall into the drink. Looking off the right end of the porch you could see open water - nothing to the east but Europe. That makes for outstanding sunrises. A good time was had by all: highlights included eating, reading, watching the Red Sox in the ALCS, more food, mid-afternoon naps, and an early Christmas (complete with no less than seven pies).

While back on the East coast, we also had the opportunity to see some of our college friends: a lovely dinner with Dave and Anne in Portsmouth, and coffee with Kristen before catching our flight back.

Expect more posts on this grand event in the future. I considered blogging from afar, but then realized that 75% of our readership was right there in Maine with us. That said, the iPhone proved to be a wonderful travel tool. I could access the internet to keep up with my favorite websites and news, check on flight status, and follow the play-by-play of games 5 and 7. The Maps feature was a real life-saver at times, pulling up road maps and directions for places I couldn't find otherwise. Oh, and I made a few phone calls.

P.S. some of these pictures were taken by my folks.

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Allison said...

oh I'm so jealous! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Jared and I will leave good old MN someday....