Monday, October 15, 2007

Jasper the Jigsaw Monster

The weather has been chilly and gloomy recently, except for Saturday, and today continued along those lines. Jasper only got a brief walk yesterday evening because of the rain, so this morning I took him out for a run. He was a bundle of energy, dragging me halfway around Silver Lake before calming down enough to run next to me. Usually he's quite well behaved on the leash, but I guess the combo of not enough exercise yesterday and the cold weather made him very frisky! He also ate part of a jigsaw puzzle overnight, so perhaps he was just trying to run off some calories. At least we know he's not lacking for fiber...

We had a very relaxed weekend, as usual. Alex started work on some new bookshelves, I did a bunch of puzzles and watched a lot of Gilmore Girls on DVD, we hit the farmers' market on Saturday morning, and so on. I have been so tired from rotations that I haven't been to the market in awhile...we like to go early, like 8:00, to get the good stuff, and Alex has been doing it alone while I sleep in. It was pretty amusing to show up on Saturday and have the Amish guy (best tomatoes ever, and he has them into November!) look at Alex and say, "ah, you brought the boss along today, eh?" Also good to say hi to our spinach guy (who is also our leek, garlic, and potato guy). His daughters have finally stopped looking horrified at the amount of garlic we buy every week. Perhaps they think we are fighting off vampires? Those are our two really regular stands, and then we spread out the rest of our purchases depending on what looks good. This week we picked up a bunch of extra red peppers to freeze for the winter. I've got to chop those up tomorrow...

Today I checked in with Beth to work on some research stuff, took my second year "medsib" Natalie to lunch, and then spent a delightful hour at the public library picking up books to read during this three week mini-break. I finally had to cut myself off when I couldn't stuff any more into my backpack. Most of it is historical fiction, in all of its lovely escapist glory. Feel free to send me book suggestions, I'll probably read through this bunch in a hurry, especially with our trip to Maine coming up on Wednesday! I also just finished Harry Potter 7 for the second time, it was even more satisfying of an ending this time around.

Alex is heading off to the gym in a few minutes, and I'm going to take Jasper out for his evening walk. I bought a new pair of running shoes today, but I think I'll spare them the mud on the river path. Maybe I'll break them in tomorrow morning.

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