Monday, October 8, 2007

Jasper's Romp

I borrowed the video camcorder from my office this past weekend. We decided it was time to get some video of Jasper doing his thing, so that all of you out there could see it. It is difficult to believe, even for us, that this bounding and romping creature is the same wretch that we brought home from Mason City. It took him weeks just to stop leaving his tail between his legs. Now, a few months later, he is having a blast getting chased around and dipping into the river. So here, for his internet debut, is Jasper:

He still freaks, however, if you throw anything in his direction - so fetch is right out. That is why you see H running around as though the plains were alive with the sound of music.

Videographer I am not - both in terms of equipment and editing. Plus, we were doing this towards dusk on a cloudy day - so the colors are a bit muted and everything is dim. Ah well. It's a start.

1 comment:

Allison said...

totally different dog! you guys have done a fantastic job with him!