Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bumbo Baby!

Our apologies for the lack of updates recently. I am doing my sub-internship in pediatrics (more about this in a future post), so I am on-call at the hospital every fourth night, and nursing Brynna pretty much nonstop when at home. Alex has started back at work after paternity leave, and M (my dad) is back to take care of Brynna during the day!

Brynna's new goodie from M is a Bumbo seat. Here she is in the kitchen, watching me cook this evening:

She loves to be active, and is less and less willing to lie quietly next to one of us while we are trying to accomplish something. She doesn't yet have the reflexes to sit up on her own, though she loves to practice. So this seat puts her upright AND supported. (No, we aren't supposed to use it on a raised surface. There's a big red warning label on it to that effect. But if it makes you feel better, we are always within arm's length. And how else is she going to learn to be a sous-chef?)

More pictures and updates soon. I hope.


Clara said...

heh, how else are you going to keep her from getting lots of doggie kisses?

A friend brought her baby over recently and Balou was very very intersted in her. He was actually quite impolite about jumping up and tried to eat the baby's socks.

Beth said...

LOVE the froggy suit! Can't wait for tomorrow!!