Friday, November 14, 2008

The Gymini Cricket

Sorry, no giggles in this video. She has clammed up a fair bit in the last few days, so we haven't gotten anything publishable yet. We're working on it, but I think Brynna is weirded out by the freakish fake laughter her parents use to elicit a giggle, and so refuses to play along.

Instead, we've got some footage of her playing in her Gymini - a play gym that engages her lying face up or down. I apologize that this footage is now about two weeks old - it can take a while to edit and splice things together. She has now moved on to actually rolling over (though, again, inconsistently).


Martha said...

she's so cute! This is a great way to see her!! I'm glad all is well!!

yuan family said...

I love the cute!