Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Thanksgiving Photo Bonanza

In honor of Thanksgiving being the day that we found out about the crumpet last year, and because we've finally had a chance to download the photos off the camera, here's a look at what Brynna has been up to recently:

Mainly, lots of drooling:

Getting an early taste of the UConn women's basketball team, which can be watched via streaming video on the computer (yup, more drooly stains down the front of her shirt):

The Huskies and Barack Obama. Those are the things that Brynna is allowed to watch on TV. Though she keeps trying to sneak a peek at her father's geeky websites.

Her special Husky outfit from Grand (plus special knit sneakers that were made by someone who watched Grand try a case when she was six months pregnant with me...):

A close-up of our little Husky:

I love you, Mommy! But please get out of the way so I can show off my new trick!

Hello, doting public! Are you ready? I have found a way to spice up diaper-changing time!

Hello, feet!

Stay on target...

Almost there...

Victory! A new teething toy!

May all your Thanksgivings be as yummy.


Beth said...

I LOVE the pictures...especially the first one and the close-up! What a little gem! Her new trick is adorable!

Rebekah said...

Those rosy cheeks, that sly grin. She'll be a heart breaker by 6 months, easy. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!