Tuesday, November 4, 2008

'Tis Done

Obama is victorious

On the street outside my door, all is quiet

In Grant Park, Chicago, there is pandemonium, one million strong

In Arizona, a lifelong public servant has just made a difficult phone call

In Hawaii, a proud grandmother awaits burial

In America, the end of more than one era has arrived

Upstairs, our daughter sleeps quietly, oblivious to how happy her parents are for her

Hope hath sprung

Yes We Can


Beth said...

Beautifully said! Hope is in the air!

John Murphy said...

A friend of mine with a little girl pointed out that there's a good chance that Obama is the first president she'll remember when she grows up, the same way folks our age remember Reagan. She'll have a hard time understanding that it once seemed impossible that a black man could be elected president. It's a nice thought.