Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Almost Done...

No blogging recently, due to large amounts of end-of-term studying and project-finishing, Brynna-chasing, and packing-up-the-apartment planning!

We did have a chance to go and visit some New Hampshire family last week, and so I am stealing Candace's pictures because I don't have any new ones myself! We had a lovely time and even went to some consignment shops and found a few bigger outfits for our ever-growing B. (Not the snowman one she's wearing in the photos...that one is only a 6 month suit but I love it so much that I keep putting her in it. Will have to be retired VERY soon.)

1 comment:

Beth said...

that jacket with the pointy hood is just insanely adorable! maybe it's the little person inside of it that makes it so cute...but either way...I LOVE IT!