Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brynna's Play Palace

Getting the house under contract, as Alex mentioned, means that the house no longer has to be show-ready.

So we replaced the dining room table with a play area for Brynna!

The fence may seem a bit mean, but without it we would constantly be chasing her across the floor and saying "no!" as she tried to stuff various inappropriate things, like floorboards, into her mouth. So now she has a safe space to play downstairs.

She spends a lot of time kneeling there like this, which seems sad and pathetic:

But I think it's mostly because she likes balancing that way, rather than "please let me out of this prison!" She's going to start using the gates to pull up to stand any second now, I am sure.

Over the last few days, Brynna has also developed into a big fan of Cheerios. She started out a couple of weeks ago on little organic puffy things that dissolved very quickly, but it is easier for her to manipulate the Cheerios into her mouth since they don't stick to her fingers quite so readily. Then I realized that they also have a lot more iron than the organic puffs, so we've pretty much switched over. She ate a bunch of them today, and banged on her tray every time she ran out. So perhaps the trick to this solid food thing is just to give her things she can feed herself!

We've also been trying to introduce the concept of juice from a sippy cup. She loves chewing on the mouthpiece, but seems quite perplexed by the liquid-that-is-not-breastmilk (usually diluted pear juice) that comes out when the cup tilts up high enough. Most of it dribbles down her front and makes her nice and sticky.

We'll just continue to work on this move toward "real" food, and I will try not to panic about the small amount that she is eating or whether she is getting enough iron or that she is (still, again) waking up three or four times a night to nurse.

Because she is lovely, and everything will be OK.

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Beth said...

Yes. Lovely she is.