Saturday, March 21, 2009

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Us A Match...

Thursday was Match Day, when all 4th year medical students found out where they will be residents next year.

Except for urologists, child neurologists, and ophthalmologists, who found out in January...

And except for us...we've known for awhile too. And now we can reveal:

New Hampshire!

(Cue total lack of surprise)

I will be a family medicine resident in Concord, and will also board-certify in preventive medicine (which involves finishing my Masters in Public Health and then applying that knowledge to an improvement project at the residency in Concord). Total residency time will be just under four and a half years.

Concord was our first choice because 1. it is in New Hampshire, 2. faculty and other residents are fantastic, 3. it is an unopposed residency (we are the only residents in the hospital, so we don't have to fight with other residents for learning opportunities), 4. I had a chance to get a jump-start on the MPH thing.

The house is on the market and Alex has a good lead on a job. We're on the move again!

And incidentally, my entering class of interns is seven women and one man. Wow.

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