Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shifting Gears

Brynna crawled on Monday!

As we've written, she's been right on the verge for a couple of weeks now. On Monday, after watching her struggle as her little knees kept sliding, I put my yoga mat down over her regular mat, and that did the trick. It was sticky enough for her to get the traction she needed, and she was able to do hand-foot-hand-foot before falling back onto her tummy.

By Tuesday she was staggering a little farther and crash-landing on top of her toy of interest. And she was getting started from a seated position.

Wednesday, she was crawling all the way from the wall to the bed.

By Thursday she was phasing out the crash-landing and just picking up whatever she wanted and stuffing it into her mouth as she reclined on her side.

Now she is zooming all over the place chasing toys, charging up to the computer when we are talking to Alex, and generally going crazy. She doesn't even need the yoga mat for traction anymore.

And now we need to childproof.

Here's a quick video taken earlier today. We're in Connecticut with my parents, and Brynna got to show off to a big crew this evening. I wish the film wasn't so dark...I'll get a brighter one up soon!

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Beth said...

she's growing up so fast! can't wait till she comes to show off for us here in MN!!