Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It's the biggest news to hit Washington, D.C. all week. The Obamas have finally gotten a dog!

While we are happy for the first family, we are disappointed by their choice in Mr. Bo. You see, succumbing to the public consciousness (and the Humane Society), the Obamas sought to get a rescue dog from a shelter. Malia's allergies meant most mixed breeds were out. Still, as we can attest from personal experience, delightful non-allergenic rescues can be found. While we're sure that Mr. Bo is a very nice puppy that will be very well taken care of, he did not come from a shelter, but rather from a purebreeder. Ted Kennedy has a dog from the same litter, and sorta gifted Mr. Bo to the Obamas. Sorry, the fact that Mr. Bo was returned by his first owners does not exactly qualify him as a rescue.

The isolated case of Mr Bo and splitting hairs about what qualifies as a rescue probably wouldn't warrant ink (bits?) on our blog, except for the fact that the current publicity will probably mean that there will be a rush to breed and adopt more portuguese water dogs, many of which will end up in shelters, waiting to be rescued.

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