Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Sight Difficulties

So, after having my glasses break over the weekend, I was down to the "starter pair" of contacts that I've had for just over two weeks. They are only supposed to be worn for two weeks. But, hey, they're all I had, and it's not like I'd been wearing them all the time for those two weeks.

However, I did run into a real problem this morning, when the left contact lens evaporated. I can think of no better word. "Disappeared" doesn't quite have the right ring to it, since I'm pretty sure that I had it in my eye when it happened. By the time I had the right contact in, I realized that the left had gone. After searching every possible surface in the vicinity for it, I had to conclude that it had, in fact, evaporated from my eye.

So, I was down to a single eye's worth of corrected vision. This isn't quite as bad as it might sound. The brain has remarkable abilities to figure out how best to merge the visual information from both eyes into a single field of vision. In this case, it largely disregarded the heavily unfocused data from my right eye, and provided me with a workable view on the world. The right served mostly to provide some depth perception, so my condition was better than, say, a one-eyed pirate.

This situation continued until late morning, when I was able to get a break in a morning filled with things that needed doing and got over to the optometrist's. My full order of contacts and new eyeglasses are still on order (they would have called me otherwise), but I figured that they might be able to give me or sell me something to tide me over - another pair of contacts, perhaps. As it happens, I was in luck: my left-side contacts had arrived.

So, I am back to full, through not perfect, vision. If I can avoid losing my one-and-only right contact for a few more days, I should make it through.

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