Monday, April 20, 2009


We are having a blast with Brynna, who is learning how to play little games! She now plays peek-a-boo. This started with her responding with glee as we pulled something away from our faces, but has quickly evolved into her doing the actual peeking herself. I finally had the presence of mind to stop laughing and go get the video camera:

Also, if you close your hands around some small toy, she will pry your fingers apart and then shriek with glee when the goody reappears. And just in the last couple of days, she has started grabbing our hands and pushing them together to make a clapping noise.

In other news, Brynna is spending a lot of time walking around behind her push toy. The eating and sleeping have also improved: this week's big gourmet hit is yogurt. Last week we decided that it was time to start a green vegetable, and Brynna actually took quite well to peas. Her breastfeeding has cut smoothly back to the point that I don't even have to pump anymore: I nurse her when we get up, at lunchtime, when I get home after work, before she goes to bed at 8:00, and then a couple of times during the night. She bridges through the day with three nice meals of solid food: midmorning, midafternoon, and early evening. Plus lots of Cheerios.

Now, if we could only persuade her that it would be much nicer to sleep through the night in her crib instead of snuggling up with us in bed...

Nope, I can't figure out how to sell that one, either.

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