Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jasper on the Go

As we suspected pre-time change, it is indeed the morning light that seems to be inspiring Jasper to be up and active earlier and earlier. This morning he was particularly determined to awaken us, alternately jogging over to Alex's side of the bed and panting in his ear, then returning to the middle of the room and thwacking his rope toy against the floor. Gee, how nice that he's learned to play with his toys like a real dog!

He's particularly insistent that it is not OK to hit the snooze button on the radio and roll back over for another 9 minutes of sleep. Perhaps he just wants his MPR fix earlier?

We're not quite sure what to do. We really like it that he spends part of the night sleeping upstairs with us, as it's all sociable and pack-like, so we don't want to just shut our door when we go to bed. I thought about getting a treat-filled toy ready at night and then tossing it onto the floor to entertain him when he tries to wake us up too early, but then I realized that would just encourage the behavior. Ideas, anyone?


Anonymous said...

here are my ideas:

darken your room completely,
limit his water early in the evening (we did that with Klaus,)
tire him out by playing hard outside right before you go to bed

good luck!

Clara said...

Does he know the 'down', 'settle', or 'stay' commands? Now might be a good time to teach him some or all of those. 'Settle' is particularly useful, because it means to like down and chill out rather than a particular boy position.