Monday, May 31, 2010


There is a great deal of haze in the air this Memorial Day. No, I'm not talking about the haze between real and affected patriotism on this holiday (I did hang the flag off our porch, though). Nor am I talking about the very real haze of oh-so-many barbecues going on today. Nope, I'm talking about real, genuine, atmospheric haze. Look off into the distance, and you'll see if as a white veil between you and the horizon. It lends a strange odor to the air that reminds me of campfires and my mother's old iron (no connection, I promise). Observe:

This is just the view down the street. I haven't tweaked the image of adjusted the exposure settings - it really is that hazy out there right now. Turn out there are some wildfires going on in Quebec right now, and we're currently downwind. Beats the heck out of southern california, where this kind of thing happens a couple times a year, I gather. Makes me wonder about hopping on the bike to pick up Brynna later today.

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