Monday, May 31, 2010

Trip to Dartmouth

On Sunday, Hilary helped out a hiker/resident friend by staging a car in Waitsfield, VT, then shuttling her down to meet her husband in Killington, VT, so that they could spend the next week hiking the northern half of the Long Trail. Brynna and I went along for the ride for only the first portion, then spend a good chunk of the day in Hanover. Clearly we are trying to indoctrinate our child by giving her such good memories of playing on the Green.

Dare to dream!

But that can't entertain a child for hours on end, so I rolled her across the river into neighboring Norwich, so that we could spend some time at the Montshire Children's Museum. Knowing that I might have such a walk ahead of us, I opted to bring the jogging stroller rather than some other pedestrian conveyance. All well and good, except that the Chariot has pneumatic wheels, just like a bicycle. And, just like a bicycle, such wheels are prone to damage.

Yup, a 3/4" nail went right through and had me walking flat before we got there. And yes, I just so happened to have a Gerber tool on me to pull the nail out. Ah well, I just pushed on ahead. And in fact, because Hilary got a bit delayed picking us up and Brynna blew through her usual naptime, I ended up wheeling the sleeping child back across to Hanover on that same flat tire.

It wasn't until Sunday night, when I sat down to repair the tube, that I found out that there were no less than six punctures clustered around the original entrance wound. Good grief!

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