Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wheaties Baby

After all, it's the breakfast of champions. And our B certainly is that!

It must also be the lunch and dinner of champions, too. Who knew?

This she must have picked up from M when he was here the last two weeks. He finds it difficult to face the day without his morning infusion. Maybe he got her hooked with the frozen raspberries (booo-ry!) he adds to his. Maybe she just developed a taste for it in the process. In any event, it is definitely her first choice of food these days. She likes to poke at the flakes with a fork or a spoon, and is somewhat successful in eating them that way.

Her preferred method is to slurp down the whole conglomeration after the flakes get a little soft. This works great - except that we often have the bowl suctioned down onto her tray. When she wants to slurp it down, she usually tries to lift the bowl up, gets frustrated, then asks for help. The other night she was a little impatient, and just pulled harder until...

Better eat'cha wheaties.

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