Friday, May 28, 2010

A Terrific Post-Call Day

Pretty soon I won't be an intern anymore...I'll be a senior resident, and the big excitement about that is that I won't have to take nearly as much overnight call. The only thing I will miss about that is the occasional lovely post-call afternoon.

Last week, my overnight call ruined the next several days...I got no sleep on call, and when I left the hospital after 30 hours, I took Brynna to the doctor and then we had another event that evening, so I didn't even get to take an afternoon nap. It took me almost a week to get caught up on sleep. That is the downside of being on call.

But made up for last week. I went in yesterday at 7 AM as usual, had a moderately busy day, which makes the time go quickly, and then had a very quiet night with no admissions at all. I went to bed around eleven, and slept decently well until quarter of seven. I left the hospital at one this afternoon, ready to enjoy the beautiful day!

After lunch, I hopped on my bike and went to the Y for a swim and weight workout. Then I had a successful visit to the local baby store for a swim diaper and additional baby spoons. It only got better after that...the local bookstore had the new Star Wars book in stock, and even at a discount! And the bakery next door (seriously, a bookstore connected to a bakery...does it get any better than that?) had fresh French bread and a molasses cookie just out of the oven.

I took some time at home with new book, cookie, and chai before hooking up the bike trailer and setting off to pick up Brynna at daycare. I had a lovely visit with Miss A while Brynna tucked in all of her daycare animals for the weekend, and then we toodled on home together. Brynna and I built towers on the porch, Alex made fresh pasta for dinner, Brynna went easily down to bed...and I've just spent almost two hours on the phone with best-friend-since-I-was-six Lucy, which was the crowning glory on today.

And I don't work again until Monday! A whole two and a half days off!

But I'm on call again then.

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Lucy said...

woo hoo - I factored into the family blog. Made my day too! So great to chat with you Hil - looking forward to a visit soon.