Friday, June 4, 2010

Hide And Seek!

Here's some video of Brynna playing hide and seek in the yard with us. She learned the basic concept from her little friend C down the street, the daughter of one of my co-residents. She understands the seeking part but is still a little shaky on the hiding concept: she will say "B hide!" and run away somewhere, then by the time I finish counting to ten and turn around, she is running full tilt across the yard toward me, giggling madly.

In this clip, however, we're doing "Dada hide":

You'll note Brynna doing some of her creative counting, and her absolutely adorable "where is he?" shrug. And Jasper, as always, trailing along behind. He's always giving away my hiding places.


Katherine said...

The shrug is SO funny! B is one smart cookie :)

Allison and Jared said...

she's growing up so fast!!

Beth said...

SO cute!! miss you guys!!