Saturday, June 26, 2010

Staggering Over The Finish Line

Graduation for our third year residents was last night, and the new interns have been in town for a couple of weeks of orientation. This long, exhausting year of internship is coming to an end.

I have what is affectionately referred to as "terminal call" tomorrow...I'll go in at 8 AM as an intern, and will leave Monday morning as a senior resident! Not sure what time I magically become a second year, but maybe there will be fairy dust and fireworks when it happens.

I've been working on our Maternal-Child Health Service the last 6 weeks, which covers both obstetrics and pediatrics. Things have been busy, particularly on the pediatrics side, so I have been learning a ton.

However, I am also definitely suffering from some intern-itis, and would really rather not go to work tomorrow! I keep reminding myself that it is the last time as an intern, that my schedule is going to get much better, and that I am also set to work with one of my favorite senior residents tomorrow. Best of weekend is a three day weekend, one that I actually get entirely off, and we are going to spend the holiday with friends in Lake Placid.

But boy am I tired. Just really, truly exhausted, from a whole year of working 70 or 80 hours a week. Before I had Brynna, I just wanted to power through residency and get it done...but now, I think I'd be totally willing to split a residency spot with someone else and be home more often, even if it stretched out my training further.

The nice thing about family medicine, however, is that following this intern year of predominantly hospital-based training, things shift more and more into the outpatient clinic. There will be less overnight call, and more opportunities to see my own patients in the office. When I am in the hospital, my role will shift from worker-bee to more supervisor and teacher. All good things.

So, one more call. Then on to second year.

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