Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Brynna's language development has just exploded over the last few months, and it's really fascinating to watch her pick things up. She now mimics virtually everything we say, and is regularly coming up with her own three-word phrases. She says "more milk/granola/crayons/etc. please," "lay down, Mama," "hold on tight!" and so on.

She has discovered that some things go with certain people: "mama bike," "dada car," "B helmet," "B shoes."

And yes, she is now aware that her name is "B" or "Brynna." She also will very sweetly say her last name when asked what her last initial stands for.

She's been counting for awhile, and two or three months ago could count from one to eleven with nary a hitch. Then, suddenly, about six weeks ago, certain numbers disappeared, and we were left with "one-two-three-four-five-eight-ten!" With some prompting, she remembers about six, seven, and nine, but the odds are good that she will bust out with the shortened version.

A similar thing happened with the alphabet: she was singing a fairly good approximation of the ABC's a couple of months ago, and then "W-X-Y-and-Z" disappeared, with Brynna moving straight on to "now I know my ABC's," which was kind of ironic. W, X, Y and Z seem to be back in the game, now, though.

She can also supply large sections of many of her favorite books, especially the Boynton ones. I will try to get some video of this, because it is adorable.

Almost all of her sign language has disappeared...except for lots of commanding pointing! "Milk" was one of the last ones to go, but since a couple of months ago she's been asking for "mama milk" instead of making the sign. She does still sign "fish," which I think she finds difficult to say, and some other animals such as moose, horse, and elephant. Occasionally we see "drink" and "more" and "tired."

This evening she was eating supper and asked for "more nola [granola] please!" When I didn't respond quickly enough, she pointed across the table and said "oh-nie [orange] bowl!" which is the first time that I've heard her substitute a description like that—the granola was indeed in an orange bowl.

So, in sum, she's a riot. We'll try to post some video soon...I think I got a good shot of her playing hide and seek last week.

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