Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We are slowly getting ready for the crumpet's arrival! It's just over a month until her due date, though only she knows when she will decide to make an appearance.

Getting the glider was a huge step forward, and Alex and I were so excited to find a used one that is a much nicer pattern (a light green) than any of the new ones that I have seen, thanks to some sewing work by the previous owner. The crumpet and I will spend a lot of time here after she's born, and it's lovely to have such a comfy setup. This is a big, wonderful baby present from Art and Denny:

Yes, I am large! The weekly email that I get updating me on the baby's size has moved on to varieties of melons (honeydew this week).

And Beth found us a wonderful used swing:

It has a really adorable jungle pattern:

This (long) weekend, we will be picking up a few things that we'll absolutely need if the crumpet surprises us with an early arrival...a car seat, diapers, wipes, and other little things like that. I may also wash the onesies and receiving blankets that we've gotten as gifts so that they are ready to go as well!

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