Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Knife

Most of you will know that I usually carry a knife on me. It's not a weapon or personal defense thing, it's more that it's a darned useful tool that I get everyday use out of. So, it caused me some pain to realize that, somewhere on the road back from Chicago, my beloved spyderco had disappeared - probably slipped out of my pocket at a rest stop. This was the same knife that had been with me for many years, and even sliced me free from a crazed seat belt, then survived a trip in the mail from Puerto Rico.

After a few days of moping (ok, a few weeks), the empty feeling in my pocket finally drove me to order a new one. Spyderco has updated the design of their Delica knife a bit since I last got one, and jacked up the price to boot (MSRP $80). I was able to find one through an online retailer for a bit less, and it arrived this past Friday.

At last! My arm is complete again! (source)

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