Monday, July 7, 2008

A Busy Weekend

Why is it that 3-day weekends are so much better than ordinary weekends? Oh yes, because there's that whole extra day! H and I put this past weekend (and it's oh-so-nice extra day) to good use.

First, I got some work on the medicine cabinet done. The actual carpentry is pretty much done, at long last, so I've moved on to finishing. Friday I put on a coat of a nice stain onto the wood, which will end up being a close (but not perfect) match to the (veneer) oak of the vanity cabinet. It doesn't matter too much for it to match all that closely, since you won't actually be able to see the two kinds of wood side-by-side, there's a bit white piece of cultured marble sink in between. Still, it does provide some really nice color to the (real) oak of the medicine cabinet. Saturday I started applying polyurethane varnish. A couple coats of that and I'll actually be able to fill that gaping hole in the bathroom wall.

We hit up the farmer's market on Saturday. We picked up what may be the last good strawberries of the season. But that's OK, the raspberries will be in soon enough. Then we dashed off to pick up some more baby odds and ends. We have, until now, been laboring under the assumption that the crumpet will, if anything, be full term or a touch late. The possibility that she might show up early has only recently crept into being. So, we've decided to pick up those things that we would absolutely need in that event: car seat and diapers. There's are some other stuff, too, but we've got the basics at least.

Saturday was also the wedding of some med school friends of ours. They've been together since high school, and have finally tied the knot. They also put on an awesome party.

Unfortunately, Hilary and I had to sheepishly slip into the back of the church a few minutes into the ceremony. It wasn't really our fault. We went to what all signs called the "Church Main Entrance" at 2:02, only to find it locked and hear "Here Comes the Bride" playing on the organ. Who locks the main door of a church for a wedding, even if it is two minutes late? Even more pressing, what wedding actually starts on time? We kept wandering around the church, peering through doors, and every time, it seemed that the whole congregated mass was looking right at us. We did eventually make our way to the back of the church by sneaking through the attached school, and found a few other stragglers.

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