Sunday, July 13, 2008

Continuing Our Preparations...

The Von Trapp family sings...the Moose family builds!

Today, Alex was hard at work on the medicine cabinet...we're going to be attaching the door tonight.

And I assembled our new dresser, which we picked up at Ikea yesterday:

Look! Now we're a little bit ready for the crumpet!

This dresser will eventually go upstairs, in the nook with the crib (which is currently out of stock at Ikea), but we're trying to give important things a spot downstairs for the first month or so, where it's cooler and we don't have to worry about navigating the stairs in the middle of the night.

Yesterday we spent much of the day in and around Minneapolis. Ikea was a bummer because they didn't have the crib (however, we're going to have a cradle that my Grandpa built for me for the first couple months, so we can wait a bit). But then we picked up my mom, who was on an intentionally long layover at the airport, and had a very yummy lunch at the Namaste Cafe.

We also took her to visit Twin Cities Green, where we picked up a couple of things off of our registry and she was also able to order an organic mattress for the cradle. And we also retrieved a set of newborn sized gDiapers that I had arranged to buy via now we have 5 of the little g pants in different colors and a bunch of the washable waterproof liners. I made up all five with the flushable liners to practice, and assembling them seems pretty straightforward. We've got some 7th Generation unbleached disposables, too, for the initial chaos. And one, single, solitary Huggie that the company sent us to entice us into buying more. That one has a little umbilical cord stump cutout.

Here I am with the orange g pants (we also have red, pink, cream, and purple):

Yes, I am rather round these days! One might say enor-moose. The crumpet will be 37 weeks tomorrow, which is full term. She may well not make her appearance for another five weeks (as 40 or even 41 weeks is the average), but the doctors would not be concerned about her development at this point. So that's a big relief. She continues to be a wonderful baby, still not waking me up in the middle of the night. We're getting quite eager to meet her, though!

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