Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bathroom Milestone

It has taken a whooooooole lot longer than I anticipated from the outset, but I have at least gotten this whole bathroom project to a new milestone: the medicine cabinet is in. I got the last coats of finish on over the weekend, and put in some anchors to hold it in the wall. Hilary was kind enough to puts the screws to the hinges while I held the door up (going from three doors to one makes for one big, heavy piece of work). A magnetic clasp helps keep the thing closed. The mirror looks great, and big, too - about 24" x 32".

I still need about two inches of decorative trim around the cabinet to cover the ragged hole edge. I am also working on a replacement four-outlet light fixture to go above the cabinet (notice the bit of wire sticking out). So, things ain't done just yet, but at least things are a lot more usable.


uncle craig said...

glad to see the nesting is progressing. Looks real nice - well done. Can't wait for the blessed event. I've made it back to Connecticut and have some painting and such to make the parsonage our "own". Will miss living in our own house..
Uncle Craig

Kate said...

Does the mirror have cuts across it? I can't tell. I know originally you were planning for it to fold in thirds.